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关于华侨银行有限公司 2021 财年第三季度业务更新,您需了解的信息

This Mandarin version of my review on OCBC’s latest third quarter results (released on 03 November 2021) was translated by SGX (in a partnership that I have with them) and posted on the various investment forums. I’ve sought their permission to re-post the same article onto my site, so that my readers (especially those who are better-versed in Mandarin) can benefit from the translated content as well, and you can find it in this post…

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投资组合新增投资标的:吉宝数据中心房地产信托(下称“Keppel DC REIT”,新交所代码:AJBU)

In a partnership that I have with SGX, they have translated this particular post, which I talked about reasons why I’ve added Keppel DC REIT (SGX:AJBU) to my long-term portfolio, into Chinese and posted them on the some investment forums. For the benefit of my readers who would like to read the Chinese version of the article, you can check out the post here…

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